Video-In to pair with Radeon 64MB DDR



Okay: I'm debating between the AIW 32MB and the Radeon 64MB ViVo. As far as the feature sets go:

* 64MB is faster in 3D at high resolutions. Go for 64MB.
* I don't need a DVI interface; I already have a 21" analog monitor (2040u).
* I want good DVD output (both cards will handle).
* I do not care much about video-out, but both cards are equivalent.
* I need Composite Video-In (both cards will handle).
* I do not need a TV-Tuner.
* I would really like S-Video In (AIW only).
* I need to adjust video timings and resolutions manually (how do I do this?).
* I need to output S/PDIF to my DD decoder system.

So, I have two questions:
1) Since I'm leaning towards the 64MB version, I want to know how good the Composite Video-In is. Can I really record in MPEG-2 at full resolution (720x480)? I have a Pentium III/933. More importantly, what can I do for high-quality S-Video input? Should I buy a ATI TV Wonder (is that compatible? does S-Video look good? can I record at the full framerate of 720x480 or higher using all codecs, including MPEG-2?), or should I consider a more professional-grade S-Video In card?

2) How does the ATI DVD Player output a Dolby Digital and/or DTS signal? Can I send it through my Sound Blaster Live!, or am I stuck without S/PDIF if I go with the 64MB Radeon?

I'm on the verge of placing an order, so any advice that you can provide would be helpful. Of course, the wait for an AIW is substantially longer than the wait for the Radeon 64MB.

It depends, i have heard the 64 mb vivo has a fuzzy record???? that could be due to drivers. And what version of sblive do u have??? If u have the platnium then u have spdif in/out > :) and dolby 5.1 out too :P
personally I would go for the 64 cause it will last longer in the gamming world :)