Video guide for streaming with dxtory and OBS.


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here is a little guide I did on how to use dxtory with OBS. It also includes how to get twitch chat working with trillian and chatty. Hope someone finds it useful.


Performance comparison:



OBS (using OBS gamecapture)

Chatty overlay and Trillian in game overlay
Great tutorial videos. Just watched all three and might actually give this a go. Is there any performance hit when using all of these together? (I would probably forgo trillian as I do have a second monitor.) You do have a beast computer so maybe a performance hit is negligible to you.
I don't notice much of a performance hit with dxtory and OBS. I added a second monitor as well, so I no longer use trillian. if you have any questions let me know.
Thanks! Haven't watched the videos just yet but this is exactly what I needed. :)