video card question

the 2nd did work, but not the first. it's like it's grey out or something. can't even start a new thread. seems this is the only forum this happens. clicking system specs take me to top or page. edit DOES work
so I got his thing installed. one thing so far. fans not spinning when on manual and just surfing. this normal, or is it borked outta the box?

edit: working as intended. no AW battles shutdown my rig

My RX580 is the same out of the box. I using Afterburner but made sure Wattman was disabled (Preferences/Restore Factory Defaults).
I've set Afterburner fan curve a little more conservatively and starts at 40c with a straight line to 100% at 80c. Usually runs around ~50% and 50c while gaming.
At desktop now and the fans are off and only 29c.