VIA AGP 4.11 beta NOT in VIA 4in1 4.39 beta


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Just some info for those using VIA chipsets...
The latest Official VIA 4in1 is version 4.38 (

Then there is the VIA 4in1 4.39beta from
and the inf 1.50beta and AGP 4.11beta both from

The 4in1 4.39beta does include inf 1.50 beta, but it does NOT
include the AGP 4.11beta (it still has AGP 4.10 driver).

So if you want all the latest VIA beta drivers you will need to
install BOTH the 4in1 4.39beta
AND the AGP 4.11beta
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Just my curiousity, do we have to install all of them under win XP ?
PCI Busmaster, Inf Driver and AGP driver ?
Um, typically if you are using a motherboard with VIA chipset,
you install the 4in1 drivers for the motherboard. The 4in1
setup will check the proper boxes automatically for whatever
operating system you are using. You should only change the
checked boxes if you want to uninstall, or if you are an advanced
user who knows what he wants.

If you just want the latest official (non-beta) drivers, then just
download and install the 4in1 4.38 drivers.

On the other hand, if you want to try the lates beta drivers, you
will need to install 4in1 4.39beta, and then the AGP 4.11beta.
(Install the 4in1 4.39beta first, which will install AGP 4.10,
then install AGP 4.11beta to replace AGP 4.10.)