Vengie's Game Screenshot Thread


May 2, 1965 - April 21, 2008
Thread rules:

  • Alpha: Please only post game screenshots (not of bugs or problems) and keep the chat to a MINIMUM.
  • PahnCrd: No deep linking images, all images must be re-hosted. Deep linking is a form of bandwidth theft and can lead to problems as well when the owner decides to mess with people stealing bandwidth.
  • Keep the chat down to next to nothing. And please try to not quote with the tags.
    [*]Posters that seem to go out of their way to derail it will be banned.
    [*]Kombatant: It is mandatory that you post the name of the game; we had too many "what game is that" posts in the last threads and I don't want to see that repeating. Thx.
    [*]You can post console screenshots if it is to compare graphics between versions for any particular PC game.

    Previous Screenshot Threads:

    [*]Last Screenshot Thread [url][/url]
    [*]OLD Screenshot thread is here [URL][/URL] it was getting pretty large and quite dated.
    [*]The old screenshot thread is here if you want to look at it: [URL][/URL]

    Links to other screenshot threads:
    [*]Please post console game screenshots here: [url=]console game screenshots[/url]
    [*]Please use the Official Skyrim thread for posting Skyrim Screenshots: [url=]Official Skyrim thread[/url]
    [*]For the Photorealism Achieved Screenshot thread, please use this link: [URL=]Photorealism Achieved Screenshot thread[/URL]
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The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable


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what the shiit? Isn't this thread sacred ground?

I mean, the thread lives on as a memory. Why ruin that?

edit: oops didn't see last post old thread. Sorry, anyone got some old ATi ascii art render screens ? Miss those filters��
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Terraria and Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut

Terraria and Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut


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^^ Nice Seyiji! I've just got a couple of huts right now :(
Did a little re-re renovation as well as showing off the expanded underground and my friends stuff :)*



Also my friends house and his buildings (Dyad and NPC)

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Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Never played this before. Seems like for 5 bucks it was a steal.