UT TRuform

Well just got the file, Put the opengl file in the ut/system foldier and opened the game and little to my surprise the fonts were all messed up. So if you plan to run UT in S3TC Dont run UT with the Trueform patch.

Works fine when you dont have the ut.cfg file changed for S3TC but once you load up the second cd and change the cfg file dont bother.

The performance differance is:

WITH S3TC on 1024x768 32bit color everything maxed 3xfsaa and 8x Anti filtering I get 127fps

With no S3TC on and just the Trueform patch same settings I got 60fps.

The detail was worse IMO with trueform vs S3TC.
RealyPssd said:
Oh I see.

Any idea if Nitro will do a version with adjustable tesselation levels?

According to the readme file, that's something he wants to add in future versions.

I hope he also includes linear tesselation, which would also increase the polygon counts, but not round surfaces at all. It'd be entirely for improving the quality of lighting on an object and wouldn't suffer from the ballooning effect that cubic tesselation results in.

Speaking of the ballooning. . . Anyone with 3d Studio Max who wants to try converting a model or two to support TruForm properly? :)