Using 3rd Party Overclocking software


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I think that everyone is aware I'm not a big fan of the new fan curve in the adrenalin drivers. I have decided, after much deliberation, to purchase either the Sapphire 5700XT Pulse or the Powercolor Red Devil although I am definitely leaning towards the Sapphire as my last two cards have been from Sapphire and I've had no problems with either.

The Sapphire card comes with the Trixx software which I used to use on my Fury Pro Tri-X and it was very good for overclocking. I know I don't have to enable Wattman in the drivers so is it still possible to use the Trixx software and ignore Wattman or will their be an issue if I use the Trixx software without enabling Wattman. Obviously my Vega 64 is a reference card so TRixx doesn't work so any information would be nice.

Oops also posted this in ther drivers thread.