Upradeble VBoards?


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A video card that has an upgradeble GPU and VRAM was my idea few years back. I asked my self the same question - y cant the companies make an upgradeble VBoard. There were alot of reasons that came almost imediatly to my mind, but one came to me about 6 month after my intencive resrch on that subject - COST. Cost - NOT TO THE CONSUMERS, but to the manifactuires:

just think how much money will the manufactures LOSE if they would build an apgradeble VBords- even if they would price a card $1000 - they still wont make enough money as they would selling 200-600 dollar cards each

just think about it
- average computer user will buy 3-5 Vcards in his/her computing life thats about $2000
- a gamer will buy about 5-9 Vcards in his/her computing life thats about $3600
- a graphix profecional will buy 4-7 cards in his/her computing life (prices will 800-2000) thats about $11000(!)

technology is very resilient - its the manufactures pockets that aren't :confused:
A card is much more than just the GPU and the RAM chips. There are capacitors and resistors and a whole load of other crap in there.

If you visually compare a card from even two years ago to something right now, you will see major architectural changes. Cards just a LOT more power than before, plus new chips require new traces. And don't forget that faster and different RAM requires new timing

Not to mention that discrete RAM would be a lot slower too.

BTW, most graphics cards sold cost under $100. It's only gamers and power users that pay $200-$1000 for a board.

And your math is really screwed up too. The average computer user does NOT spend $400 on a graphics card.