Upmix live stereo line-in input using graphedit, please help!!


New member
Hi, I am trying to upmix the stereo out of my Sky satellite receiver which is connected to my pc through the line-in using Graphedit. I so far have a basic set up as follows:

Line in ---> AC3 Filter ---> Outut

The problem is that there is a delay of a few seconds. I really like the interface of this filter as can adjust the volume for each channel (as have speakers at different distances from me) and it upmixes perfectly however I can't figure out how to avoid the delay when uspmixing this live audio source. My system should be able to as is intel dual core running at 3.4ghz each, so is there something I'm doing wrong, a filter I'm not using perhaps which would avoid this delay? I am new to all of this and would be grateful if someone could give me some pointers and suggestions of the best encoder/filters to use and if I should be using more than one (as I noticed some peoples set ups in Graphedit have a fair few more than mine!)

Many thanks to anyone who can offer some suggestions!