upgrading from 6071 to 6093


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can someone just run by me real quick on how to install the 6093's while keeping the tabs in the menu???

i heard something about installing over the old ones but someone please verify this...
i'm not 100% sure but what i think you do is extract the 6071's into a folder and then extract the 6093's into that same folder and say "yes to all" when it asks you if you want to replace certain files. then just run the setup.exe program.

this will give you all the newer parts of 6093's and leave the functionality (all the tabs) of 6071.

i'm just going to wait until a new Plutonium/Omega driver comes out and i'll update then.
I unzipped the drivers to directory, went into Device Manager and did an update driver for the Radeon 8500, pointing it at the directory where I unzipped the files. I haven't had any probs, and all the tabs are still there.

*sigh* people keeping doing things the hard way

install the 6071s download the 6093 set use the hardware profile panel and click on update drivers for the 8500 choose to install the drivers yourself and then click on have drivers and choose have disk and navigate to where you saved them and choose the inf file under the xp edition of the drivers they will install and your PC will reboot and all will be well

just dont have tv-out plugged in if you are running the SP1 beta though otherwise youll get a nasty surprise
Saw this in someone's sig :

"DirectX 9 beta 1 Prepatched!(Time Limit removed) "

I know it's out there but does anyone know where I can find it !?

I heard it was a hoax ..... someone ???

Greets ! :D :D

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Re: DX 9 Beta 1 PrePatched

Re: DX 9 Beta 1 PrePatched

SmoothImmigrant said:


There are a few fake versions floating around.

The only guaranteed working copy you will find is on IRC from betasonline (not betas-online so make sure you find the right one ;) )

But I dont see a point to getting the prepatched one since MS has to release a new beta before the end of the beta1 period otherwise thered be thousands of pissed off beta testers


Double what Crash just said. I've download 3 fakes so far that have done nothing but aggravate me. It was easy enough to get a copy of this beta, I'll be wanting a copy of the newest beta to check it out anyways so why worry?