Upgrade for Wifey's iPhone SE?


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Trying to stay $150-300 but that's becoming harder and harder. Used but good condition is fine.

I was thinking maybe a Galaxy 7s or 8s. An iPhone 7 isn't much of an upgrade from what I can tell, but maybe these Samsungs aren't either.

She doesn't use her phone for much, but would like bigger than the iPhone SE she has now. She had a Galaxy 4s before, and she likes that line.

I also looked at the Pocophone and Huawei phones, but I don't think they are CDMA Verison compatible.
Honestly any one of those three sound like they would be good options. The iPhone 7 is going to be a noticeable step up from the SE. It doesn’t look like S7 is going to be getting Pie so for support longevity you’re looking at either the S8 or iPhone 7. I’d say go to a carrier store that has display units and see which one she likes better.
You could get an Essential from Amazon they are around 300 when they are on sale and they already have Pie. Got it day one actually.