Unique Remote Wonder Prob.Pls.Help !!


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:cry: It seems I have a rather unique problem, The icon appears in the tray yet the remote just doesn't work !! I've tried everything !! I have an AIW Radeon 7500, the remote used to work. I've tried every driver combination, I do have to go into 'Device Mgr." and update driver to "....v2.36" to get the icon to appear, but all to no avail !! When I did install the Remote Wonder software,v3.04 the remote works IE: I can move the cursor, open programs etc. but the Multimedia Center doesn't work (running MMC v9.02) so I know the remote itself is OK, I know the receiver is OK, I know the USB interface is OK. All other configurations of Catalyst drivers and MMC's yield no results as to the remote !! I'm at wits end, I have literally 2 days into this and can't get the remote to work at all except with the v3.04 software but then the MMC is basically useless. Thanks for any suggestions !!!:eek: