Two AMD Cards In One Box?


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I had this idea. I think it is possible that it would work but maybe not.

I am building a computer around an Asus M4A78 Plus, which has three PCIe slots in it; here's what the manual says:

2 x PCI Express™ x16 slots (blue @ x16 mode, black @ x4 or x1 mode)

1 x PCI Express™ x1 slot *

* I don't really understand these specs, which on the one hand claim that there are two pci-e x16 slots but then says that the black slot is only x4 or x1. So, no idea.

Now, would this work: a RX480 in the x16 slot, and an 5450 in one of the other two slots?

This way, I (hope that I) would be able to run the 5450 when I boot XP, and the 480 when I run Win 8.1 or 10. Possibly I could disable the unused card by using Device Manager in each OS, or at the very least choose which installed card is the system default.

Is this a workable plan?

Thanks in advance!
That should work. You would definitely want the RX480 in the Blue slot and the 5450 in the black slot.