TV-Wonder with NVidia TNT2Ultra



Hi all,

I've got an K6/2-400, 128MB, SBLive! (PCI), netcard (PCI), modem (ISA), TNT2Ultra (AGP)
system. I've recently added an ATI TV-Wonder, but it doesn't work properly.

I'm using Windows 98 and the latest NVidia reference drivers (Detenator 3, v6.18). The
computer is usually fine.

The TV card install OK, but as soon as I run the 'Television' program, the computer will crash completely (I have to reset), either immediately or after about two minutes.

I've tried different PCI slots, removing the sound card, different NVidia drivers, different settings on the registry (overlay) and I'm getting nowhere.

Is anyone using such a combination? Any ideas?

If I upgraded to an Athlon-800 system, would it work?!

I have a similiar problem with my TNT2. ATI says that it is a problem with the way the detonator drivers address the Directdraw calls. So far, only work around is to use older drivers for TNT card. Not the best solution, and if anyone has a better idea, I'd love to hear it.

I suppose I'm glad that it's not just me who has the problem, but I'm certainly not happy with that solution.

Anyway, I've tried the older drivers - all the way back to 2.08, and I still have the problem.

It looks like I'm going to have to try and get ATI to give me a refund - the supplier I bought the card from doesn't want to know, because I bought it ~3 weeks ago.

Thanks anyway!

I can asure you that the main cause of your problem is connected to SB Live and TV application. Un-install the SB Live software application and re-install 'only' the bare minimum sb drivers...and see what happens.

The TNT does have a problem with the TV card when u're using drivers > 3.

But that can be solved and it's a different problem from yours.

If everything is ok (no crash on your side), you'll end up with having still pictures for your TV which can be solved by :

Changing the registry entry :Overlay Mode -> 2 or 4 at