tv wonder and rage fury pro vivo NOT compatible



yea, i bought a rage fury pro and a tv wonder, only to have problems. ati said on their support page that if you install the rage fury pros drivers (i have vivo version), then the tv wonders, they would coexist together. but it didnt work. instead, when i would try to watch tv, i would not get any sound (dont worry, the sound port configured properly) or s-video input. so i formatted harddrive. THREE TIMES. it still didnt work. so, i just didnt install the rage fury pro's multimedia center (therefor disabling dvd, which i want) and then installed the tv wonders drivers, all on a fresh windows install. what happend next? everything was fine, and i had s-video input again.

btw, does anyone know when ati is going to release drivers for tv wonder that will support web tv AND mulitmedia center at the same time?

mb: gigabyte bx2000
64mb ram
rage fury pro vivo
tv wonder w/version 1.0 and 2.0 software

thanks ALOT