TV Wonder 600 USB question


New member
I just purchased this little gadget and so far its great except for when i want to record video through s-video.

for some reason even with my ps3 set to 16:9 it still records in 4:3. Ive tried numerous programs to see if anything surpasses what the wonder came with but nothing works as well.

Im currently using ArcSoft TotalMedia 3.5(out-of-box software) and im suprised i didnt get ati name software with it like i did before when i had an old tv wonder LE.

TotalMedia 3.5 works great as far as recording atsc hd but any hints on software w/ better 4:3/16:9 options would be much appreciated.

s-video is 640x480 (or worse?), unless you want it to get black bars in a 4:3 video, so nothing gets cut off (but i wouldnt know how to do that, or if it's even possible)