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Who has actually gotten their cable kit yet?

And until then.. wasn't there some way to get it working before hand? cutting some wires on the ribbon or something? Wasn't there?

Please?!?! Can someone tell me?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Some people have but I'm not one of the lucky ones.. I sent it in the same day it was posted..
Cut the last two wires of the ribbon. Make sure it's not the red one.. Next, make sure your Fury has a IRQ. Jump pins 2 and 3 on the 3 pin jumper located at the top of the card (or maybe it's the other way around) Then install Lightspeed's ISA TV Beta software. You can get it from Lightspeed's or Rage Underground's site. You may have to do a complete uninstall first. If so, let me know and I'll give you the directions..
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I just got my TV kit today. You should e-mail the address listed on that page for people that haven't recieved their kits. I mailed them Monday and told them I hadn't received it. I got a reply saying that I should have received it by now, and that they'd put one in the mail that day (Monday). Low and behold, it arrived in the mail today (Thursday). Very good service I must say. They just sent another one, no questions asked.

I had pretty much forgot about it until I read this thread..So after I replied I went to ATI's site and sent an email to check on the status. I received a reply the next day stating they never received my request.. They said to just place another request and they would have it to me by next Monday..
Is there any quality change from the temp fix to the official fix?
Thanks for the info..
I sent away for my kit awhile ago and still havent received it. After reading your post, I sent out an e-mail to them and am still waiting for a response... =(

I guess they must have screwed up a lot of peoples' requests :( But you should get yours soon since it only took a few days to get mine after they realized they hadn't sent me one.

As for the difference, I wasn't one to try to snip my cable, so I'm happy to now get sound out of both speakers now :) I can also finally upgrade to some better Fury drivers now since we were stuck with the ones that came with Lightspeed's package in order for the TV to work. But the software is pretty much the same. I can't find any differences there.