tv settings on new drivers


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Hi, finally i've installed catalyst and they are working but...

I have a little problem with my tv out, and i always resolved it by setting "s-video filter", in the tv settings of the drivers, to minimum. If i don't do that, i get strange colored stripes around the edges of the image displayed.

The bad thing is that if i restart windows o disconnect/reconnect the cable, that settings goes away... better, the settings remain on "minimum" but i get bad quality on tv as if it was on standard or maximum... so i have to set it to standard and then again to minimum to make the changes have effect.

Any1 know how to fix this?
I've got no clue... sorry :( Does that 'Luma' slider help with this? It can cause similar stuff for me if I slide it too high. Would using 'overscan' help at all?

I've noticed that a lot of TV-out settings don't seem to 'stick' when you re-enable TV-out with any of the drivers. Like the 'composite dot crawl' setting - I have to stick that on every time I switch to TV display.
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