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Wrong!... SNIFF
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Anyone able to recommend a good service? I got a Vizio M601D-A3R that has a horizontal line that just randomly developed last night, its out of warranty since the TV is almost 2 years old now. I can get Best Buys Geek Squad out to look at it for $99 plus whatever it will cost to repair it or some other random guys around town.

Vizio has their authorized repair centers but I never really worked with them and some have some bad feedback.

Anyone worked with them before?
Sometimes these things are just a simple part swap away from getting fixed, have you looked up the problem?
Maybe you could save a couple of hundred bucks by doing it yourself.

Or if you're like me and don't trust yourself with electronics I'd look around town for a decent looking tv repair place before taking it to best buy, those guys will gouge your wallet as much as possible
two years old and it already has issues?have you contacted vizio support to see what they say? i mean you could stress the fact that the tv's only two years old.
I have no fear with trying to repair it myself but I don't know what's wrong.
good video on changing the tcon but the guy mentions at the beginning that horizontal lines usually means bad lcd panel on not the board. best of luck to you.