TV player does not start



I got a All in Wonder 128, 32 mb, running on AMD-K6, MMX, 300 MHz, 64 mb.
After installation everything else seems to be working OK, except for the TV player. When I start it from the Launch-pad (or otherwise), I get :
Can't load video driver
Video board not detected or already in use
Hardware may be improperly installed or
resource may be in use by another application

After I press OK button, I get :
The TV player failed to initialize the video. Ensure the correct video drivers have been installed and close any applications which may be playing video before attempting to restart TV.

I know I don't have any other video applications running. Hardware installation should be correct because the graphics are coming out fine.
I have uninstalled and re-installed from ATI CD several times, with no effect.
HELP please
Same problem I have yet to find a solution, but I will. When I do I will post it.
Mine used to freeze when I opened it. The solution was to reduce my res to 800x600 and 256 colours. I don't know about the error messages though, I haven't had that. I also use an AMD, (K62). I don't think it's incompatability.