TV Output + Hot Keys



was just playing around with the schemes and I noticed that if you save a configuration under the "Displays" ATI panel in advanced display properties, with the TV Output enabled, then even if you don't have the cable plugged in when you boot up your system, the TV output will still work. Which is a good thing !! :)

The only issue i have to complain about is that i run my desktop at 1024x768 100Hz refresh, and when i switch to TV mode, it changes the actual resolution to 800x600 (max tv output can support) but keeps the virtual resolution at 1024x768, you know where you can move off the screen it scrolls.

This is annoying because i want to be able to press a hot key to switch to 800x600 tv-out enabled, and then press another hot key to switch back to 1024x768 no tv

It works fine except for enabling the virtual desktop mode when switching to tv out

anyone know how to disable the virtual desktop feature ?

btw, i'm running Windows 98 SE using 3054 drivers, radeon 64mb vivo