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I have a radeon 8500, and I have lately (before I got the remote) set up hotketys in the display panel to port from monitor to tv, F10 moves it to Tv, F11 moves it to the monitor, which works real well. NOW that I have the remote, I can't find an easy way for it to do the same, and I really think it should since I have an ATI video card. If I could assign the buttons to any of the other F keys besides F1, it would work, but I cant. Any idea how I can accomplish what I want?
Get the Remain Wonder plugin listed on this site (there are some other useful plugins there as well!):

I haven't used it, but from the description of the plugin, you can assign any keys to the extra function keys on the Remote Wonder. Hopefully, you can find a solution or at least a decent workaround with this plugin.

Good luck!