tv out problem


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well with the same card sapphire x1900xt the port which is like s-video is supposed to be for vivo , i managed to get video in , but i cannot get tv out at all , is it only for video in and tv out should be through dvi to video adapter or so?

much obliged
i think i tried svideo out on my x800 once, you might need to have the tv to be on while the comp is booting

but if your tv can accept dvi, use that instead

svideo tvout is low resolution & analog
the problem is svideo tv out is not possible while they provide a cable for that ! the card looks for tv on the second display not on svideo port
svideo out only detects on boot, have the tv ON & plugged in while booting the comp

the tv has no dvi or hdmi input?
i did alot of tv out with previous ati cards and it was very easy , and i did boot with tv on but still the card refuse to detect the tv and only try to detect 2nd display on the other dvi port , and the tv has component input
well i'm not sure then, i've only used svideo & not component (i dont have any device that intakes component i dont think, & the only similar card i have is an x800xtpe)

are there dvi to component adapters?
yes there is , but if this is the way why the sapphire company include that s-video cable and tells it is for tv out and video in?
i dunno, could be a bug, could be the tv not interpreting the signal properly, could be anything

did you ask sapphire?