tv out on rage pro


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My name is John Davies - I've read Big Z's site on regarding RAGE graphics card.
I want to watch video from my pc on my tv(rugby matches).
PC is Compaq Presario 5670
Op sys is win2k
Graphics card is ATI 3D RAGE LT PRO AGP 2X
I have connected a vga display to vga out
LCD display to LCD out
TV to s-video out
The vga display appears to mirror the lcd display - I must have the display connected and swiched on before I start the computer otherwise no picture on vga display.
I get no picture at all on the tv - s-video to scart cable is ok - I've tried it elsewhere - black/white or color when I connect 15 and 20
When I connect s-video cable to the computer - no picture on the tv but no effect on the other two - they work normally. However when I power the computer off and on with the s-video cable connected, I get no picture at all on the lcd, no picture on the tv and a picture reduced in height on the vga
1 The only driver I can get to work is 5.0.2195.1 (atidrab.dll 5.00.2180.1 & atimpab.sys 5.00.2179.1) all other drivers I try give me vga standard graphics. I have a feeling I am doing something wrong with driver selection and installation from Big Z's site.
Amongst others I have tried 2k_5058 - big text VGA
5011 -vga big text
4018 vga big text

All driver settings are the same regardless of which card or variation of the rage chip that you select.
If none of the other drivers work, something may be wrong with your card.
Upgrade to a PCI solution.