tv detection issues


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I recently purchased a Radeon hd 4350 simply to run the TV as a second monitor to play movies on.

Sounds easy enough but no matter what I try I cant get the TV to detect.

I don't have hdmi on either the monitor or the tv so I am using the other 2 outputs on the card and trying to run s-video to my TV.

Any thoughts on why it wont work and what I can do to fix it?
Assuming you have the drivers and software installed, suspect your s-video connection. I suggest you trial and error it: Perhaps DVI to VGA adapter to monitor and VGA to to RCA adapter to TV.

I've also had several setups where no matter what connections you use, the TV must be on and tuned to the correct input before booting the computer. Sometimes a cheap video selector can compensate for that.

I think the path of least resistence is to go with what you think looks right. Shut down your computer. Power on the TV. Set the TV to video 1 or two or whatever you're plugged into. Then power on the computer and see if you have more favourable options. I'd right-click on the desktop, select properties, look at the settings tab then click the advanced button and poke around whatever ATI stuff is in there.