To ME or not to ME, that is the question?

Upgrade Me

Upgrade Me

Upgrade... well I mean warez it because it sure aint worth the upgrade if you have to pay for it. Its worth it just for the boot times as you will need it when it crashes on you over and over and over... :D
its a great upgrade, but at this point, u should either

A) wait for XP
B) get Win ME from a friend and upgrade
keep 98se..especially if you have any older hardware..personally I get better performance under SE.
but if ya can warez it or get it from a friend, try it out for yourself, if you dont like it go back to 98. nothing to lose that way.
if you have to pay for it, stay very far away
98SE is much more stable than Me. Also faster. 98 uses less memory than Me. All of the features of Me are free downloads from M$.
Cept fo movie maker, but who uses that?
ME is bad news if you are a DOS user. They hide DOS bigtime in ME, even the boot disk capability. You have to download all these extra 3rd party pateched to get that stuff to work even half right.

And if you have any old DOS games, FORGET IT! what a pain with ME.

Stick with 98se. All ME features are downloadable for free, and for a movie maker program you should try MGI Videowave 4, it's really nice and has a free trial.