This is why I despise MS and Windows 10


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They have been trying to force users to use microsoft account. It is already not obvious how to opt out of it during installation process to novice users, and then they are trying to shove it on you even after the install.

I once fell for the trap after I signed into microsoft store, it popped a window asking if I want to use this account everywhere, and I automatically clicked yes. I had to convert back to local account after that.

Today I opened microsoft outlook, and I actually use outlook with microsofts email service. Outlook asked for my email password (even though it is stored), so I entered it and was presented with this, and almost fell for the trap again.


WTF microsoft?
While W10 is great as an OS, I'm not a fan of the cloud stuff. If we could have it without the Store, "online" account, the telemetry spyware, and complete control over updates out of the gate, it would be a really great OS.

Despite it being a great OS otherwise, it dragged down by this stuff IMO. If these were opt-in features, I would certainly change my mind.