This is for all the Ghost Recon people...good news it's not just ati, read inside


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Ok folks, for all those that have had Ghost Recon problems, well don't feel bad, I was getting rather angry cause I had thought it was an ati driver issues. Well it seems it's not ONLY ati haveing the issues, but Nvidia cards as well, have a look see for yerself....

Nvidia card closes to desktop, then crashes w/ghost rcon

Well as you see it's not just us ATI people. This kinda makes my day, to see, justmaybe, it's not ati drivers, but a gr problem. Dunno, I know the 6043's work, and above that do not. So who's to blame? drivers or the game?
As one person pointed out, maybe it's that ati fixed an issue in the drivers that actually works now, and Ghost Recon didn't like that change. Point well put.
Alls I know is I don't have an asnwer, but I am happy it's not jsut ati haveing the problem, it means there just MAY be an issue with the game after all.
Anyways, I thought you all might want this heads up, then you won't feel so left out.