Things that piss you off


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I came to the realisation yesterday that we have 4-5 different authentication systems, written by 4-5 different developers, around 100,000 active user accounts across them and absolutely no password encryption on any of them. At no point when they were writing these things did they think that maybe securing peoples passwords might be a good idea.

Just found out this morning that there's a new software 'process document' about to be released mandating that all projects should use the waterfall model, and must have prototypes created for them which must not be thrown out. Apparently the hastily-written, badly-spec'd, chop-job prototypes will now found the basis of all the code we write.

Oh and they're 99% certain to stop unit testing across the department.

Absolutely bloody marvelous.
It's all about litigation and cost savings. QA was never about ensuring things worked, but about stopping them from being the company's fault when they went wrong. shame.