The Rage3d Fitness Thread

Turns out I hurt my arm yesterday on my bike ride home... My arm popped near my elbow, felt just like a normal joint pop, but now I get some muscle pain when I articulate that arm... Yay :rolleyes:
i ride a hell of a lot. really need to do some upper body work though, just worried about screwing myself for riding the next day (since that is how i get to work)
I worked on a large bag of salt n vinegar chips the other day, followed with pulled pork for lunch today.

Have you considered entering the blue plate special olympics? Wah wah wah waaahh.

Did arms tonight, useless night and I hate doing arms.


Congratulations! You're done. Put down the weights.
today nothing, tomorrow I will run five miles when I wake up and then go to Judo practice in the evening for three hours.
i refuse to work out on sunday, the day of rest

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I did chest, shoulders and abs yesterday, as well as a bike ride. I also walked my dogs for about an hour.

Also found out that I've lost 2% body fat since starting weight training, while keeping my weight roughly the same.

benched (usually a warmup set,) 1 set of 225x5 and then 2 sets of 225x2

ran 2 miles, did 40 janda situps, sprinted 1/9th a mile, did 45 janda situps, sprinted 1/9th mile

walked for several 1/9th miles

did 2 sets of 50lb for 8 reps (Each arm) dumbbell overhead press then 1 set of 50 for 7 reps...

swam for 6 or so laps
5x5 Shoulder press, accessory DB lateral work Wednesday.

Last night was 5x5 ATG squats.

Tonight is my stupid arm night again.
This week was pretty good, weights are feeling light. Did my usual routine (shocking) and blew through my squats last night. Shoulder presses were easy on Wednesday, deadlifts weren't bad on Tuesday aside from tearing my knee open yet again.
Moved up my deadlift and shoulder press weights again.

215x5x5 Deadlift

110x5x5 Shoulder Press

Last post here was 195 Deadlift and 95 Shoulder Press, making progress!
I joined an indoor soccer league about 6 months ago and I'm still really feeling the effects every week when I play. I work out 3 times a week with equipment, but nothing has come as close to whipping my butt into shape as this venture has. It's seriously crazy how much activity goes into 60 minutes of indoor soccer.
Moved up my deadlift and shoulder press weights again.

215x5x5 Deadlift

110x5x5 Shoulder Press

Last post here was 195 Deadlift and 95 Shoulder Press, making progress!

Nice. Progress is very nice. I've made a bunch of progress, but I really need to get my weight training partner to get into deadlifting and squatting... We do have a really balanced workout though.

Today I did 16 miles on my bike.
Played some COD:Black Ops yesterday night and shook my head when I got p'oed. Hey moving=exercise right?
During the summer, gym everyday, 2 hr bike.

Now school's started again, I woke up today, sat in front of my computer for the last 6 hours. Ate in front of my computer, and now I'm about to go to sleep.

God damn I hate school.
i ate food...

but im kind of trying different things to see what i can do to accomplish several goals, and trying to piece together a schedule.

Last week i was doing these 1hr classes for 4 days: aerobic/mma type exercise class, yoga, a full body workout type class, and a cardio/aerobic class. (which are available at the gym i go to, part of the membership)

This week i did the aerobic/mma class again on two days, and did some weights in between.

Next week im thinking of tossing in some treadmill prior to the aerobic/mma class. I sweat like crazy in that class so maybe i can burn a few more calories with the treadmill.

Im just trying to increase my leg strength, balance, lose belly fat, build/sustain muscle, tone body. A little at a time. And those classes helped expose my weaknesses which is why im throwing a few things here and there that i think could help fill in the holes. Im thinking about filling up the week with the workouts, friday off and yoga/stretching on he weekends.