The R3D game project discussion.


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This thread will be for discussing the new game project. We've had a lot of people sign up, 5 people indicated they'd be willing to do programming work. So now let's talk about the nuts and bolts of it.

I figure the first few things we need to determine are the scope of our project and the tools we'll need.

  • Do we want to mod a current game itself?
  • Do we want to mod a game engine and create a small game?
  • Do we want to Write our own small game as a starter project?
  • What genre do we want to start with? Action platformer? RPG?
  • What engine and programming language?
  • Do we want to collaborate code changes using Eclipse or something else?
  • Who wants to lead up the programming aspect of it?
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Obviously we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves, it would be a mistake to try and make a full-on production that will take a billions years to get a decent amount of work done, and then suddenly die off before the first non-alpha/beta release.
Okay it looks like we've got as many signed up as we're gonna get. So let's get to talkin' about what we wanna start with. I suggest something simple and basic for starters. A mod for an easily moddable game currently out?

Of those who volunteered for "Programmer" we have:

Who wants to sign up to be the "lead" programmer type person on how we approach this?
Also, Bigtabs has volunteered a forum, web hosting, an FTP and bandwidth for the cause. (not to mention some modelling skills) So that gives us an online collaboration site option.
Well this deferred shading engine im making is up and running, its not close to being finsihed yet but i can render out meshes apply god knows how many point lights and a few directionals, Im having a problem with the spot lights at the min. HDR is kinda in there and Im working on DoF and some particles soon. So we have the option of using our own engine or using an already established game engine.

As for language, Unless anyone knows OpenGL then I think we should stick with either DirectX9 (maybe 10? depends on the user base) or possibly even XNA.

If anyone knows how to set it up, I hear subversion is a good source control tool.

Hows about we stat with something small? Maybe a 3D platformer but from a 2D perspective? i.e. the camera angle never changes, only its position? Theres no point in trying to make the next big FPS.

I may not be able to contribute to all that much work at the minute as Im approaching the end of my final year at uni, but Ill do my best to get as much done as possible,
Hows about we stat with something small? Maybe a 3D platformer but from a 2D perspective? i.e. the camera angle never changes, only its position? Theres no point in trying to make the next big FPS.

That's a good idea.

The hamster in my brain is currently still running in his wheel trying to generate suggestion, so I can't say anything yet.
whoa, I should have been keeping up with this area more. If anybody is interested, I am beginning a project that has it's completion date set for Summer of next year. It is in the fighting game genre, the characters will be 2D and if provided enough time and resources will be set in a 3D environment. So I guess similar to Killer Instinct 2 as far as sprites vs 3D background are concerned. But the goal is to ultimately come up with a neat and freely available game for the PC focusing on a gamepad similar to the PS controller. Anyone want to help with content creation!? =)

If I am provided some help then I would definitely tag on some R3D support ad here and there, perhaps make a secret character related to the community. I don't post often here, but I read often in particular the off topic lounge. I have a few IRL friends that post and it's always neat to keep up to date on them, so I stalk em. :evil:

Please contact me via e-mail or I guess on here for serious inquiries into it. Right now is lax time for the project, it will really hit production at the end of this Summer.
perhaps make a secret character


A fighting game? What, like Mortal Kobat or Streets of Rage, but with 3D environment?
I thought a RTS or similar god-view game would be much easier, quicker and effective on the market; how well did C&C and DiabloII sell?
All you need is little gifs, layers for different skins and a scrolling background (For the visual side) and stat tables (like npc/char/weapon/structure) and code your hit dice, block percentage and defense chances from there.
Yeah, OK there's a little more to it, but that's the basics.

Or if you can, find the source code for Pokémon on the gameboy - you could probably code a sweet on-line Java game with flash aminations. (You'll be surprised by how many people have played and loved Pokémon, even though the TV show sucked!)