The greatest system of 'em all


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post your dream system here, including all of the tweaks and OCing that you think would be proper (only post things that are currently availible)
Some AMD 760 mobo
AMD TBird 1333 @ 1.7GHz
1GB PC2100 @ 166MHz DDR
Radeon 64 VIVO 250/250 (swapped RAM?)
LVD SCSI RAID Controller
5x 40GB 15k RPM SCSI drives
Water / vapor phase cooling for all the above
Live! Platnum 5.1
50" Plasma 16:9 Display (I might settle for a 24" LCD or CRT)
XGA LCD Projector for movie parties
16x DVD slot load
500ishW Dobly Digital / DTS Home Theater System
I'd just love to have a dual Thunderbird rig @2000mhz per/chip (and dreaming would be 4mb of on die l1 full speed cache), @10k HD, 1024mb RAM, and a 128bit, 800mhz, 256mb Radeon IV with a 70" plasma screen and a 50x30x50 CD burner.

Now that would be sick...

I'll be dead before then, but my children will enjoy it.