The best thing to do with the remote wonder?


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I just ordered a remote wonder from ati. ( I got sick of laying in bed trying to use my boomslang mouse on my sheets to control PowerDVD.) What are some other cool things I should use the remote for besides music and such?? Anything interesting I can do with it? Can I drive my panzer tank and jeep with it in BF1942 :)
Just have a look at my website in 'Compatibility' and 'plusgins' section to know which applications you can contro lwith the remote...
And if anyone interested in programming a plugin for a panzer tank.... lol
What I do with my Remote Wonder

What I do with my Remote Wonder

Keeping in mind that I just got my Remote Wonder 4 days ago (as with the rest of my system). I use it to;

1) Control the ATI tv application (great for switching channels, turning the volume up and down, muting the colume, and recording instantaneously. I've got one button programmed to make the tv area smaller, one to make it bigger, and one to switch (alt-tab) to other apps.

2) Control general Windows features, such as minimizing/maximizing windows and alt-tabbing to other apps.

3) Starting specific programs, such as PowerDVD, my newsreader and so forth.

One thign that I quickly learnt was to turn confirmation OFF when I chose to power off an application (it's a big red button in the upper right corner of the rmote and I figure there's little chance of picking it by mistake).

I'll learn more, but that's what I use it for at the moment.