THAT'S a Prius???????


Hidden in plain sight
So we all know the Prius was the treehuggers dream car, a slow POS that looks funny and is basically just a rolling hybrid techno coffin.
Teslastan's had taken over as the most obnoxious "green" car drivers so now the Prius place in the world is in limbo....
With Toyota Hybridizing everything (Corolla has taken over as low end hybrid coffin, and Camry hybrid gets good gas mileage while being bigger...both seem to ahve taken over the Prius' place) where does that leave the Prius? EV ior some kind of techno testing ground made some sense as next step.

Not quite yet.....
A few days ago Toyota unveiled the 5th gen Prius...

World Premiere of All-New Prius in Japan | Toyota | Global Newsroom | Toyota Motor Corporation Official Global Website

-194-196hp 2.0L Hybrid system, or 220hp 2.0L plug in hybrid system (nearly100hp increase over the outgoing) with 50% more EV range than previous (suspected to be about 38 miles....if they are using the Prius Prime 25mile EV range as the preivous)
-Normal looking wedgey exterior
-Normal looking interior (Questionable choice of using Toyota's BZ4x instrument cluster design though....)

I never cared for Prius, and from what i read enthusiasts and tons of other drivers dont as well....but this one has changed a ton of minds.
Those same people would actually consider this now...(me actually digging this...I may never buy one still but i would actually put it on my list of car's i'd buy)
WTF Toyota...wat did you do...Im liking this prius.....

Thats a lot of hp for a tinkertoy. Put that in an econoline sized AWD panel van. I want my next ride to be more practical than a sedan no one buys those anymore.
wish they'd actually make a full electric sedan/sports car

They actually have an EV sedan in China (part of the BZ lineup, so its called BZ3) one knows if its going to be released outside of that market though.

With the BZ4x being the first official global EV (which...fine for the most part but not really any better than that), the next one they seem to want to release is a small crossover SUV (yep...another crossover...) that kind of looks like an EV version of a Toyota CH-R