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I'm a die-hard 3dfx junkie, & under normal circumstances I wouln't trade my voodoos even for the latest & "greatest" if you paid me. Unfortunately fate has seen me lose all my hardware & software recently in one fell stroke. The only things I had left were a never opened Voodoo5 5500 AGP (which was hidden away) and a Presario 5151 (which I am posting with.) Unfortunately the 5151 has no AGP port, (and too small a case) for the v5. Therefore I am reliant upon the onboard Rage LT Pro for now.

Your site, BigZ, was the only place I could find any useful drivers or info on this card; and just wanted to say thank you. (The section on ogl icd's and d3d modules made me feel warm and fuzzy all over. If there's one thing we 3dfx guys know all about its ogl icd's)

It's good to see people keep information around and not just throw it in trash because its over a year old. (the thing I hate most about the computer world) Any way keep up the good work and thanks again.


PS - on an odd note I noticed this mainboard (socket7 AZT with a VIA 82C chipset) has what appears to be a sodim style reciever just above the two 4mb ram chips which lie to the right of the ATI chip. VRam expansion perhaps?
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Thanks for the nice post... I have this warm fuzzy feeling inside now. Glad to be of help... Its amazing how many people still use this crap-ass chip.
It is a vram expansion port... but you most likely wont be able to locate the right memory.. and it may not work. Didnt work in my Compaq.
Big Z said:
Its amazing how many people still use this crap-ass chip.
Yeah but look how many computers it came in. People are as bad about computers as cars. When I worked at compaq the inside of a system was called (for QA purposes) a class 4 surface. Meaning the user would never see it.