texture coords/texture mapping help!!


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hi all..
iv'e been trying to create the ring from lord of the rings in 3dmax4 and then use it in my opengl project...

iv'e created it, and when i put the text on it (a 1024*128 texture)
in 3dmax4 it looks fine.

but when i export the model to ASE and load it (i calculate the normals myself, i just load coords, face indices, texcoord u, texcoord v, and texture face indices)
what i get in OpenGL when i use texturing is a very strangely
streched mapping..

i have no idea why this happens..do u guys have any clue?

this is the pic :

(tripod don't allow to make it a direct link :( )
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ok, problem solved...

i'm an idiot!
when i exported the ASE file from max, i chose to export it with
1 decimal, meaning there will only be 1 digit after the decimal point...0.0,0.1,0.2...and so on..
so on a mesh made out of about 2000 polygons, there were only 10 coords...
so..when i exported it with 4 decimals, it was perfect..

just an interesting detail to notice...