Tapatalk not coming back for rage3d forum?

Tapatalk on Rage3D must have been broken during the update process. VBulletin 5 appears to be supported by Tapatalk, so it might just be a matter of reinstalling it to get it working again.

Trunks0, could you please look into this?
well if this can help, so currently when I tried to get into here via tapatalk it just come back with a notification "network error ; please try again later, (get_config)"
Looking into it to see if it's something we can do. I'll update this thread when I have more info to share. But based on my initial peek, it's looking possible. But it requires some tie in's from our side for plug-ins with vB :)
No, I'm going to implement it. Just the first time I've ever done it personally. So it may take me abit :)