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Since I frequently travel, I'd like to put all my movies on a hard drive. The last time I tried something like that was in 2011 so I could have them while deployed. The audio was so out of sync that I didn't watch many of them. I want to be able to keep the same sound and video quality that you get from watching it off the disc. What would you suggest? It has to support BR, HD-DVD and DVD.
If you want the same quality just stick to ripping with MakeMKV. If you re-encode it to a smaller file you will lose some quality, even if it might not be much.
I encode to MP4 to save drive space on my Plex media server and for maximum compatibility across my devices (besides the computers in the house, there's a mix of Apple and Android phones, as well as two Apple TVs and a WD Live box on the TVs in the house). While Plex does a good job transcoding files that the devices can't play natively, I'd just as soon use MP4s; less hassle in the long run IMO.

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Thanks. MY TV at home plays MKV files so I should be good just using that. It doesn't look like MakeMKV will do HD-DVD though. Any options for that format?
For bluray discs, I use anydvdhd to rip, eac3to and a gui to extract the dts core, handbrake to compress the video only and mkvmerge to put it all back together. Clearly that's a couple of steps more than you could get away with.

For the rare DVD, I'm to the point of just using MakeMKV and not worrying too much. Otherwise I might use DVD Shrink, etc.
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