Suggestion to save money!!


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Kill the Signature option!

There are far to many people with far to big signature files.

Look at this for instance.

There's more sig in this thread then content!!

Specifically mr's ZepBrian!!

This guy's sig is out of control!

He's not the only one in there though with a mental sig.

Like I said, turn that option off and save yourself some $$.
majority bandwidth are coming from file transfers, signitures don't take that much bandwidth.

we are also planning to enable board compression so that data transferred per page would be reduced by 500% or more
SpaZo said:
Kill the Signature option!

I also find that some posts/threads have little content and lots of repetitive signatures taking vast amounts of display space.

But I am no longer annoyed by that. I went into my profile and disabled the display of signatures so that only content is shown.

So, thanks to this option you can effectively kill the signatures yourself if, like me, you prefer not seeing them most of the time.

Regards, ../Klingon
I put my mouse in my specs. Hehe.

But I can't wait to show off the new Logitech Cordless Optical MouseMan that I'll be getting later this month. Man, that thing is sweet!