Streaming with crossfire


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Just thought I would throw this in here, since I have purchased just about every streaming/capture software there is. This might save someone some pain in the future.

What I have found is, if you want to use crossfire in game and stream to twitch, you only have 3 options: Raptr, Overwolf, and Mirillis Action!.

Action! is by far the best performance wise, I can stream at 1080p to twitch and maintain 125 fps in BF4. It seems to use AMD APP much better than anything else.

For reference FFsplt, OBS, Xsplit and Wirecast, don't support crossfire while streaming in game.

Also if you want to overlay twitch chat on screen as you play then I recommend Overwolf, it has an awesome chat overlay. No one else has anything like it, that works as well.
Shadowplay :bleh:

Oddly enough people have been bugging Manuel for a SLI fix for shadowplay for about 6 months now with the fix always "soon". So might want to try that troll move somewhere else.

Btw twitch streaming for 120hz overclocked monitors works correctly in raptr now, as well as gvr, and with crossfire. The performance hit is practically zero as well, couldn't be happier with raptr at the moment.