Strange problem starting an application.


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I've set the A and the B buttons to start Dscaler and ZoomPlayer.
The Ati Remote Wonder 1.2 is perfectly working and load at start up, the remote works as well (mute, volume, numbers, mouse pad, right and left button, everything) but if i try to press A or B there is no way to load Dscaler or Zoom Player.
The only way to get this to works is to open the Ati Remote Wonder Sw and simply close it, without touching a thing.
Then the A and B button correctly launch their application.

Any suggest?

(I'm using Windows Xp Pro).
The same problem seems to exist with drivers version 2.2 and Windows XP Pro. After Windows restart I have to open remote wonder software and close it by clicking "OK" to get programmable buttons A-F to work. Very annoying... Is there any solution for this? I just got my RW couple of days ago so I am a newbie with it :)
wow, it's great to be able to find that other people are experiencing the same problem that I am with the preset keys not working untill I access the control config section. I've tried reassigning the buttons, and it seems for me the "Power OFF" function for windows will work in either button, but none of my other applications will work ie. myHTPC. Please add me to the list when/if there's a solution or workaround.