Strange Display Problem, see if you can help. Yea you can. Please? I'll give you..


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...Chicken. That's right homestyle chicken, mmmm-mmm good, now before you hit the back button here's the quick sum of my problem.

Installed 2.1 Cats over 6071(pretty sure anyway, latest rated before cat)

Freshly installed Win 2k pro w-out/ SP(will install later)

I run a dual display, the system only recogizes 1 monitor. I can get both to work through the ati tab however it makes gaming and work a pain.

You try playin Jedi Knight 2 at 2048 by 768??? Not fun at all.
Here's the question
How can I get W2K to use 'Extend my desktop' instead of the ATi option?

Hint: If we can get the display properties to confirm there are 2 monitors installed then it WOULD work.

Bad news: Device manager ALREADY shows 2 monitors but display properties only shows 1.

Thanks for you help guys, and if you seriously want that chicken... :D, maybe I can use my new scan-n-smell-o-matic-machine to hook ya up ;).

Again thanks for reading