Stills capture doesn't.


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The other day I noticed on one machine that my ATI 9600XT MMC 9.8 with CCC 6.2 will not allow me to select the folder or file format for Stills Gallery in settings.
I formatted my drive after a partition delete and using the 2005 XPSP2 disc re-installed windows and the appropriate .Net2 framework.
W/o installing any updates from Microsoft I have created the native 2005 environment and installed all the appropriate MMC software 6.2CCC and 9.08MMC.
Does not allow me to change the folder or save type.
So, I go to my other machine
ATI AIW 7500 6.2CCC 9.01MMC and it will not allow me to change this setting either.
Updating with some MS updates does not fix and in theory the stills capture settings should work in the 2005 environment as it did when it was new.
I have Ghost images that I can ghost to the partitions and the saved versions of my system allow me to capture stills and select the settings from the menu as it should.
I understand that the .NetFramework fixes kill the remote function and more.
They are not installed.
I have only the base requirements 1.1 on the smaller machine and 2.0 on the 9600 machine.
I am ware of the newer ATI drivers and such that use the AVIVO package.
Simply put I prefer the older ATI MMC 9 series over the newer versions due to fuzzy picture/less definition of the AVIVO (on my machine anyhow) as well as the constant tasking of my system thru TVR always being on.
I have read there are fixes for that.
I would prefer to find out why all of a sudden after almost ten years and five years of use that all of a sudden the capture stills settings are unavailable across my fleet despite creating a 2005 environment.
Its not MS updates as they have not been installed.
Spex listed below.
don't know why system spex are not showing, I have them enabled.
P4V8X-MX 2500 2x512 AIW 7500 WD2500x2
Today I deleted the partition formatted the drive , installed XP Sp1 then 2 with .net 1.1 , appropriate chipset drivers and audio drivers were installed prior to MMC 9.1 and CCC 6.2.
Still same not allowing me to change save parameters in stills gallery option.
TV-ON-DEMAND must be enabled to allow capture.

MMC 9.16 with latest Cat drivers. MCE2005 (SP3).
Video card: AIW X1800-XL.