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Check it out folks, James and I have been working on the SCC site, and I gotta say it looks pretty good. Check it out at

Also, any commits on the site would be appreciated, but don't do it here. Go to SCC's forum and talk about it.

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Looks good, real good. now all you gotta do is make it Mac compatible (it gets soooooo f'd up on a mac using netscape).

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Well, I just checked it out, looks nice.

Do have a quick question for Budd and James; I have a ESS Allegro chipset in my laptop ( Presario 1700 ) Is that the same as the Maestro? I can't find *ANY* #'s for the chipset anywhere. ( short of cracking the case, and I don't want to do that, it's got a 3 year warranty. )

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Budd, I know you said to post on the SSC forum, but seems like not many people are using it yet, so I posted here instead.

I'm using a Maestro 3i with Windows ME, DELL provides a driver for ME only, no longer DOS because there is no DOS. I've made a boot disk, but am unable to get sound running. Does anyone know what drivers to install and what entires are necessary in the config.sys and autoexec.bat? I tried running and it says "please use the windows applet to install this driver" Any ideas?
Well I am reviewing an Allegro Based Card right now. I can give you the number. (I do not want to spoil my precious review! :) ) Also the card I am reviewing is the Diamond Sonic Impact S100 which MAY be a source of drivers. :D =Sonic_Impact_S100

I just found drivers direct from ESS also! :D

Windows 9X/ME

Windows 2000

Windows NT4

ES1989S J429
(p)4,214,125 (c)

Those are the exact numbers off of the chip too. :)

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nice n neat... i have some overlapping on the main page tho... i m using 1280*1024, IE

hmm... i like the biggy pix in the forums hope we can have them here too... :p

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You know, I got a question for ya. Why do you think nobody is really using soundcardcentrals forum?
Because the forum is brand new. The site hasn't been up too long, and the forum has been up to the public less than a week. What do you expect, people flooding in all of the sudden? You gotta give it time.

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Southtown, you need a MSTRINF.INI file in the same directory as MAESTRO.COM. If it was in a human-readable format (or if ESS had used a fscking environment variable... SET MAESTRO=A220 I5 D1 P330 would be fine by me), you could just create it manually, but it isn't and you can't. *******s. Either snag it off a Win98 installation, or if you email me I can send one to you.


Unfortunately I could not find the file "mstrinf.ini" in a "Win98 installation" and I tried emailing with no response. Does anyone know where I can get this file?