Soundblaster Live Rear Speaker Support.


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When installing only the drivers,(no liveware), I can not enable my rear speakers. Changing the advanced audio properties in windows to quadraphonic has no effect. I am running a fresh install of ME and have not installed liveware. I know that I can install just the drivers that come with liveware and that lets me enable 4 speaker setup. This is what I have done in the past. I am just wondering if there is a way to enable 4 speaker setup with just the stand alone driver package installed. TIA.
In the past I have tried to get 4 point surround using only the drivers but could not. I went ahead and installed the Liveware and immediately got 4 point surround. After that's installed I turn everything off.

Heheheh, welcome to Creative Labs drivers. :) Actually, there is a tab in multimedia properties/playback/advanced that is *supposed* to set the speakers to a quad config, but it doesn't work.
yes.... i was just going to start typing about the "Multimedia Properties" tab till i saw your last post.... good call... setting it there should work... but it might not... worth a shot though
I wrote in my first post:
"Changing the advanced audio properties in windows to quadraphonic has no effect."

I already tried this in the multimedia properties! It had no effect:( Thanks anyway.

I just installed only the drivers from liveware 3.0 and it worked like always. I suppose thats about the same as installing the stand alones. Odd that the stand alone drivers don't allow you to select you speaker presets.