Soundblaster Audigy


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Some time ago HardOCP posted and then removed the info on Creative’s future plans in the sound card market. The major
change, which we can expect in the near future, is the launching of a new sound processor somewhere in the middle of the
coming summer. It will be EMU10K2 and a new family of products based on it. Among the upcoming innovations we can list not
only the double power of the new sound processor and more supported effects but also:

Dual Firewire/1394 support, the newest sound cards will have a Firewire controller onboard;
Support for Secure Content technology (work with Copyright protected sound);
6 channel digital and analogue out (Dolby Digital support);
Software PlayCenter 2, up to 320kbps coder and 9-time acceleration.

The sound card family based on the new processor will be called Sound Blaster Audigy and will include the following models:

Sound Blaster Audigy X-Gamer. This sound card is aimed at the gaming market and is to replace the today’s
X-Gamer. The price is expected to be around $99.
Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+. In fact, this is just the same thing as the previous model with that only difference
that the developers devoted a lot of attention to MP3 when working on it. The product will cost about $99.
Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum. The cost of this solution is around $199, however, for this money you will also get
a remote control unit, FireWire connectors, etc.
what happen to creatives ,your sound card will never be obsolete bull****, all you'll have to do is update your drivers. kind of like the first place i worked stick with us things will get better and will take care of you .personlly i bought a hercules game theather.creative isn't getting any more of my money.
Well, they haven't updated their drivers in a year, and they've been using the same chip for like 5 years? I guess it's time for an upgrade.
Creative's "Your soundcard will never be obsolete" BS is just marketing. However, it sorta makes sense. THat is due to the fact that the EMU10K1 processor is reprogramable. How many times, we will never know. But currently, that marketing gimmick isnt working, cuz as we all know, our soundcards are obsolete at the moment.

but truthfully, how much better can you improve sound?

Creative got lazy during the last year, when there were basically no competition to the LIVE! series of soundcards. It was only recently that the current crop of companies came out and brought out competition to Creative.
Well, the Creative chip still has WAY too much CPU utilization. And DTS support would be very cool.

But I think 5.1 speakers have to get a lot cheaper and popular first.
It's only the "latest" live! update that is a year old, LiveWare 3 (talking about new programmable features) is much older. :)