Sound in Rune not quite right.


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When I play Rune and say, walk near a stream, the sound cuts in and out, loud and quiet in an uneven manner if I move just a few steps. I updated the soundblaster drivers and no change.

Does anyone else experience this? It's the only UT engine game I have that seems to do this.
This is a known bug and is supposed to be fixed in the next patch.

I'm sick and tired of patches and PC games. I just bought Rune today, and while it runs like a champ on the Radeon, I refuse to play it until the damn sound is fixed. It's not like the SoundBlaster Live is some obscure sound card. Absolutely no excuse for this one.

X-Box here I come. Anymore the first thing I do when I buy a game is scour the 'net for the latest patches and such. Of course, since PC developers are writing for the X-Box, they'll have their work cut out for them: no more selling us a beta version.

Fed up.
Well, at least it's a known problem and not just me. It's good news that a patch should be out because in some rooms with machinery for example, the sound in some spots just buzzes loudly. Thanks for the info bud.

Too bad you'll have to wait at least seven months or so before Xbox comes out. Halo looks pretty cool so far.