Sound design for games


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I voluntered to do a TC of RTCW sound part,
Was wondering if I could get some help here
now and then.I can create the sounds ok and
the guy in charge say all I need after that
is mp3 to wav to mp3 No problem.Just was wondering
what sounds people like and how would they make them

Well a TC targets hardcore gamers not to many casual gamers know what a TC is (well maybe CS ugh! *cough* Strike Force rules *cough*) A lot of hardcore gamers have some pretty decent sound systems, especialy now thanks to Klipsch. So definately up the ante in the bass department a rocket should shake the plaster off the walls. Even better the more bass is lower bass (below 60Hz) the kind you feel more than hear. If concerned about damaging someones POS OEM speakers have a warning or maybe make the really lower bass a separate channel so you can disable the sounds. Though that will take up an extra sound channel so maybe have a separate download or something. I have an awesome system that rumbles the bass, flows into the mids, and melts into highs. Basically I have to recievers one for front channels and one for rears. Yamaha 3-way with 8" woofers, 4" mids, and 3/4" tweeters for the rears awesome fidelty and can really push bass for their size (and its tight and responsive not just thumping crap. A 10" JBL 200watt woofer. And of course my pride and joys KLH 4-ways for the front. 15" woofers, 5 1/4 mids, 3" tweeters, and 1" super tweeter. It has perfect response out of them deep accurate bass with spoft highs and clear mids. I finally found the best showcase for them too. SW:EP1 DVD the deul of the fates. Absolutly inspiring. Deep lightsabers thrums that cut through you, perfect highs in the music that play off the sabers dance and the choir and horns crying out to you. Ah bliss. So i just described my perfect audio experience recreate that in a game i can play and i will call you god.

By the why whats the TC about i might be interested in helping, if only for the crazy ideas the pop into my head! :D
Almost forgot. Do not underestimate the improtance of positional sound! Squeeze every last ounce you can from the reverb engine that is EAX.