Software/Calculator for Multi-Monitor Wallpaper (resolution/dot pitch compensation)?

Pr3tty F1y

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So I run a multi-monitor setup with different monitors as I use a 16:9 monitor for my primary and a 5:4 (previously a 4:3) monitor in portrait mode as my secondary. This setup isn't for gaming, it's just practical.

I use UltraMon to manage my multi-monitor setup so I can have a single wallpaper sprawl across both monitors. However, the different dot pitches of each monitor means that the wallpaper images don't scale proportionately across both monitors, leaving one monitor displaying a larger/smaller view of what should be a contiguous image.

Is there any software or a calculator out that that accounts for this?

I typically go to Interfacelift for my wallpapers and just resize images and clip out a 1920x1080 image and an adjacent 1024x1280 image. However, I'm not sure how to calculate the correct scale to cut out for my 1024x1280 monitor. I'm going to need more resolution than that and scale the image down on the monitor to make it proportionate to the 1080p monitor.

If this makes sense to anyone and you have any thoughts, I'd appreciate hearing them. Thanks.