So who does openGL coding?


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Just wondering what base language you people use for it?
I use mostly C, cause I fair better with camera paths in it.
But if it's a complex scene I prefer C++.

How bout you?


Yeah, I use C++ too. I currently use Borland C++ Builder v.4, although most people I know prefer VC++ instead.

I use OpenGL for graphics and DirectX for audio + input, mainly producing demos at the moment, although a game is in the workings...

I'm using VC++ 6.0 and OpenGL. I have been a little idle in the 3d graphics area lately, haven't had much time and no real interesting projects to work on. I think the situation will be different one I upgrade to a 8500. It's still hard to get in Sweden for a decent prise though and hardly anyone has it in stock.
I do some OpenGl I don't like the MSVC++ compiler it sux and won't let me do some things that I want to(like initalizing constants threw variables) so I Use either borland 5.0 or codewarrior 7
Initializing constants through variables

Initializing constants through variables

Nocain, can you give me an example of what you mean by initializing constants through variables.

I do my coding in MSVC with OpenGL. Mostly I've been working on designing reusable classes lately since I don't have time to put a big project together. Oh yeah, and experimenting with extensions, thats allways fun.

I had the "privledge" :) of writing an OpenGL mini-driver that made calls to Direct3D (DX5) internally. It was a lot of fun actually working out how the glXXX() functions worked and then mapping it to DX. The big pain in the ASS was pixel centers though. Back when I did this, the fastest card out was the Rage Pro and NVidia's Riva128, and we had a bunch of problems with D3D's pixel centers not being the same on all cards... painful :)

But that's a little off topic. OpenGL is quite fun to use, you can bust stuff out really quickly, particularly if you just need to prototype something.